She Wants A Man Who…

Has good conversation

gives stimulation

shows motivation

Cause clothes/rings/cars mean nothing to her

What can you Add to me? What can you Add to me?

Now Cardi b wants a man who

Doesn’t stutter after certain questions

or keep in contact with certain exes

while liking pictures and returning texxxts.

Care for me, Care for me. Better treat me carefully. Live your life of course. Get what he’s dying for. But be careful with me. Not a threat, Its a warning.

Ledisi wants a man who

Will Take all her scars

and her broken heart

Promise he will Cover her

Love her when things get too hard

Show her that she’s his everything

Love her All the Way…All the Way.

She knows she’s not Perfect

But she’s Worth it

And she Deserves it

She will give Everything to him.

If he makes her believe

  That he

Loves her

All the Way… All the way

Heather wants a Man who

is holding her tight

and wishes she could go back

to the day before they met

and skip all the regret

Wishes she wasn’t in love with him

So he couldn’t hurt her

Phyllis Hyman wanted

a Man Who

Will Meet her on the Moon

Soon as he can

In the middle of the Sky

So they can sail upon the breeze

To the Everlasting moment of love.

You’ll be my love and I’ll be yours too. Fly into my love. That’s what I need. So My spirit can be Free

And Adele wants a man like the one she Had.

Never mind. I ‘ll find someone like you. Don’t forget me I beg. Sometimes it lasts in love. But sometimes it hurts instead.

And He Wants


( Lyrics by Ledisi, Cardi b, Heather Headley, Adele and the late great Phyllis Hyman)

Lyrics dissected and reconstructed by Yours Truly.

Love and Light.

Comments always Welcome.








100 Things I Love About Montreal Pt 2

The ten day Festival International De Jazz De Montreal held the last week of June and first week of July is one of the oldest and certainly finest of all International Jazz concerts.  This year’s 39th Jazz festival featured over 150 indoor concerts and 100 free outdoor concerts including Jazz greats and promising next generation artists.

Yes, you read it right…FREE.  The indoor concerts were ticketed but prices were reasonable allowing the jazz lover to attend a number of free and ticketed events.

Dr. Lonnie Liston Smith (with sax great Chris Potter), Seal, Herbie Hancock, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Chris Botti, Al Di Meola, Renee Lee Octet, Dominique Fils-Aime, Jethro Tull, Bela Fleck, Boz Scaggs, Terence Blanchard, Leslie Odom, were just some of the 150 jazz illuminaries jamming  in venues that ranged from concert halls to intimate clubs.

The outdoor venue was a centralized location a few  blocks from downtown Montreal which could be reached easily by walking, Metro, cab, bike or bus.  Many of the outdoor concerts boasted large stages with seating either in the adjacent area or nearby cafés that had been built for the event.

Food was available from established  Montreal eateries, vendors, and Bistros.  Every palate could be satiated by the sights, smells and taste of food choices from around the globe… from Fettucini with pesto to bison burgers  to homemade frites with fresh guacamole and salsa.

Wine/beer/liquor vendors were plentiful and served generous pours and refills.  Additionally, the main Outdoor venue was staffed with friendly folk ready to answer any question a non French speaker might have.. where is the charging station for my dead cell phone …. I have a map but where did you say Club Jazz Casino was?

Most impressive was the accommodations for families with play areas including water spouts…many adults took advantage of that as well… game tents, animation zones, and  areas of grass/seats that kept even the youngest concert goer happy.

The concerts were scheduled from 11:00 a.m. to the wee hours of the morning.  Warm balmy weather with clear blue skies made the event picture perfect. On a scale of 1-10, the Montreal Jazz festival is easily a 100! Check out some of the sights and I guarantee you will be making plans to attend next year…I know I am!

Bon Soir!

Comments Welcome.  A Special Thanks to the Always Friendly Helpful Canadians pictured here!

💯 Things I❤️About Montreal…

Bonjour Mes Ami! (French spell check app not working)

As some of you astute, eagle eyed Readers discovered, my July adventure found me in none other than the Exquisite Jewel of a Neighbor north of us Montreal, Canada!

My raison d’etre or reason for traveling in the heat wave of 2018 to this glorious, heaven on earth, 6 hours from NY, respite from twitterization of the US government ( did I say that…please don’t detain me at the Border …. City can be summed up in one word :JAZZ!

However, Little did this starry eyed music seeking, Foodie searching, Adventurer know that she would discover some of the world’s finest jazz and so, so much more!

Five days was hardly enough time to capture the richness and beautifulness (not a word) of this gentle, world class, forward thinking/acting home to champions of all men/women!

Lest, I start sounding like a commercial, I will let the pictures and a few words tell this Tale.

Set your pilot on automatic ( btw Flyboy, Welcome Home And Thank You for Your Service!) and Readers enjoy the ride.

As always, feel free to comment/share/ click follow/ send cash…hell iola, I’m broke now!

(Note: This post will continue over a few weeks of the summer until I have posted all the 💯 reasons. My use of The French language is gratuitous and in no way reflects on the  years of study at Jacox  Jr High; Maury High, Los Angeles City College and Big Blue ODU.

Dang, all that and she still can’t hold a conversation beyond bonjour, merci, Bien, Bon! Mais oui, Voulez vous…What Patti LaBelle sang…

Welcome to My Love…


IMG_1505Welcome to my love, come on in and make yourself at home. Welcome to my life. I know everything is gonna be alright. Welcome to my love oh darling . Come on in and take all you want…(Rachelle Ferrell)
…Compiling a new Playlist for walking/dancing around the house/ wine tasting with me myself and I/feel like I’m the only person in the world who understands me Times.
I guess this is the Boomer version of a mixed tape. Although I don’t ever remember compiling any. I did however, receive a few from suitors who were really trying to impress me…they knew I was a music lover…and in many cases, it worked! Often the music from their carefully chosen collection of love songs dedicated to me played on long after the relationship ended. And when I’m in a sentimental mood, I can still break out one of those tomes and a box of tissue and reminisce with the best of them.
…I was one of those folks who used to buy a vinyl record and wear it out, playing a favorite song over and over until the whole record was ruined. It was only recently that I took my decades old collection to a dealer (record) and parted with it for a very paltry sum. I really wanted to keep some of those old jacket covers but read that they can be fodder for bugs (they eat the glue) and who needs that.
…My love of music traces back to my early days listening to my Dad’s jazz collection. He had hundreds of vinyl records and ALL the greats. My favorites were Miles, Frank Sinatra, Nina Simone, and Nancy Wilson. Every Sunday, the house would awaken to the melodious sounds of these and other jazz greats setting the tone for our Sunday family breakfast ritual, Sunday school/church (the only Black Presbyterians in town), a car ride afterwards through the tunnel to visit family/friends, or if it was Summer, an impromptu picnic at the lone Black beach.
…Little did I know that this music would become the background for my life. And as my teenage tastes gravitated to Motown and later Hip Hop, I always kept a few staples of jazz in my collection.
…Recently, I was purging my CD collection prior to a move and decided to box up many of my Verve label hits…many of them standards my Dad used to own in vinyl…and present them to him as a gift on Father’s Day. The sly smile that played across his face was priceless and his soft thank you…music to my ear.
….Fortunately, I did not invest much money in tapes back in the day, as I could see they would be short lived. Cassette tapes always got tangled up and required the owner to keep a pencil nearby for such emergencies. I welcomed the CDs for their clarity of sound, long lasting, almost inability to scratch, can play in a car/Beatbox/computer/Walkman versatility.
…Sadly, my CD collection does not get much use these days. It has been hijacked by the likes of itunes Amazon, and easily downloadable singles. I’m still waiting for someone to give me the link to the free downloads site…but I guess those guys are all waiting for bail.
… After discovering the joys of Playlists, I can always find time to organize My Music, unlike my life, in nice, neat,easy to access categories. This technology, of course, ensures the appropriate music for any occasion whether it be a brisk calorie counting walk, a long train rain, an even longer car ride, a gathering of friends or just some ME time dancing, lipsync-ing, contemplating, raging, namasta-ing (not a word), loving my way through this life.
Play On!