Conversation Overheard

Been listening to Lizzo lately. She is a beautiful rapper, singer, indie performer, classical trained flautist,who has taken the Girl Power, self love, can I get an amen music medium to a whole new level/ genre.

This poem is for all those, who like Lizzo, understand that before we can love anyone else. ..we must first love Ourselves.

Gurl you lucky

You got a man

I look around bewildered
Who she speaking too

Where is he?
Who you talkin’ ’bout

You know what I mean

Everywhere you go
Male eyes

devouring you

You breeze by smelling of shea, lavender and African oils

Hair coiled lightly scented softly

Framing your dark African black glistening skin.

Sparkly white teeth

And a Smile for days.

Men wish they could
Catch your eye.

But like a spring butterfly

You and your sheer gauzy dresses
just float by.


I ain’t got no man.

No one in my bed

when I close my eyes

Or cuddling up to make

My naked body smile.

Yeah I had a man

2,3 even more

But that was back in the day.

I’m living in the present Now.

Damn gurl I just knew

you had a Man

That sexy walk

like you’re on
A NY runway.

That beaming smile that says

Hello Imfinehowareyou

That lyrical voice

Conjuring up nights

Lying in your cocoon.


I ain’t got no man

They don’t understand


And What I need

So I just Do


Ladies, Let’s Take Another Holiday from Men

Heather Headley knew what she was talking about…

Me time, not some Him , not some You, but some ME Time...

We all need it

A break from the Routine

Work, Cook, Clean, Kids, School, Bills, Repeat.

Me Time

A space occupied by

ME, Myself and I .

A bottle of wine,

pint of Chunky Monkey

Family size Lays,

And the remote.

Not selfish

Or self absorbed

Just taking a break

To recharge

To regroup


To get my Sh** together


Babe, are you listening?

She cranks the stereo up

“All things being equal
I always put you first
You know that I’ve been down for you
Through better and through worse

Hon, its the Playoffs…

I’m trying to watch the Game

All things being equal
Boy, I’ve been more than cool
So it seems only natural
To expect the same of you.”

And the fellows are coming over

Did you make the chili and hot wings like I asked you?

Now, I’m not trying to start nothing
I like things drama free
But there won’t be nothing to stop
If you keep sweatin’ me

Why you always wait ’till boys night to start nagging Me?

Me time, Babe

I Need some



Deep pore Facial

Hot Stone Massage

Lavender Bubbles

Check into a Marriott

Luther and Kem

Red light in the Basement

Silk pajamas one size too big

Phone on Do not Disturb

New batteries in my toy


“I need some Me Time

That’s All

That’s All”

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She Wants A Man Who…

Has good Conversation

gives Stimulation

shows Motivation

Cause clothes/rings/cars mean nothing to her

What can you Add to me? What can you Add to me? (Ledisi)

Now Cardi b wants a man who

Doesn’t stutter after certain questions

or keep in contact with certain exes

while liking pictures and returning texxxts.

Care for me, Care for me. Better treat me carefully. Live your life of course. Get what he’s dying for. But be careful with me. Not a threat, Its a warning.

Ledisi wants a man who

Will Take all her scars

and her broken heart

Promise he will Cover her

Love her when things get too hard

Show her that she’s his everything

Love her All the Way…All the Way.

She knows she’s not Perfect

But she’s Worth it

And she Deserves it

She will give Everything to him.

If he makes her believe

That he

Loves her

All the Way… All the way

Heather wants a Man who

is holding her tight

and wishes she could go back

to the day before they met

and skip all the regret

Wishes she wasn’t in love with him

So he couldn’t hurt her

Phyllis Hyman wanted

a Man Who

Will Meet me on the Moon

Soon as he can

In the middle of the Sky

So they can sail upon the breeze

To the Everlasting moment of love.

You’ll be my love and I’ll be yours too. Fly into my love. That’s what I need. So My spirit can be Free

And Adele wants a man like the one she Had.

Never mind. I ‘ll find someone like you. Don’t forget me I beg. Sometimes it lasts in love. But sometimes it hurts instead.

And He Wants…

He wants…


( Lyrics by Ledisi, Cardi b Adele, Heather Headley and the late great Phyllis Hyman)

…dissected and reconstructed by Yours Truly.

Love and Light.

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