Ladies, Let’s Take Another Holiday from Men

Heather Headley knew what she was talking about…

Me time, not some Him , not some You, but some ME Time...

We all need it

A break from the Routine

Work, Cook, Clean, Kids, School, Bills, Repeat.

Me Time

A space occupied by

ME, Myself and I .

A bottle of wine,

pint of Chunky Monkey

Family size Lays,

And the remote.

Not selfish

Or self absorbed

Just taking a break

To recharge

To regroup


To get my Sh** together


Babe, are you listening?

She cranks the stereo up

“All things being equal
I always put you first
You know that I’ve been down for you
Through better and through worse

Hon, its the Playoffs…

I’m trying to watch the Game

All things being equal
Boy, I’ve been more than cool
So it seems only natural
To expect the same of you.”

And the fellows are coming over

Did you make the chili and hot wings like I asked you?

Now, I’m not trying to start nothing
I like things drama free
But there won’t be nothing to stop
If you keep sweatin’ me

Why you always wait ’till boys night to start nagging Me?

Me time, Babe

I Need some



Deep pore Facial

Hot Stone Massage

Lavender Bubbles

Check into a Marriott

Luther and Kem

Red light in the Basement

Silk pajamas one size too big

Phone on Do not Disturb

New batteries in my toy


“I need some Me Time

That’s All

That’s All”

Comments Welcome. Thanks for Taking the Journey!

6 thoughts on “Ladies, Let’s Take Another Holiday from Men

  1. Great actual blog content. The title of the blog… Hmmm. Nice Legs :). I Know at times everyone needs a break from all the madness that life brings. We all need to recharge, reevaluate, and recommit to what will bring fulfillness to our lives.
    Do, I personally think women need to take a break from men; I’m not sure that’s the solution. I think the facts are, because of all the things in life; job, children, school, bills, and just trying to make a comfortable living provides all the seperation we need.
    The invention of the Ipods, pads, and everything I should lends even more credence to the human isolation factors, that people are going through.
    So, in short I think finding more ways to free up time to spend together, and to make more of a connection with your spouse, partner, mate, children…etc shoud be the call of the day.
    Because looking around it seems like having empathy, or just sharing love between 2 human beings is in rare space these days.


    1. Libra, you make a valid point here. I do, however, feel that even a few hours away from your significant other…taking care of your Self…can result in a recharge that will make coming back together even more pleasurable. Thanks for sharing!


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