Summertime and the Living is…

Laidback, blazing hot days,

cool moon glowing nights.

Skimpy dresses, daisy duke

shorts, plenty of brown skin

bared to greet the ever

present sun.

Each day awakens with a

song, a beat, a rhythm all its


Summer set to music

that plays on and on and on.

Hot fun in the summertime…

Young ones begging

Mama please

ice cream,


Hose spray

and endless trips

to the park.

School in their rear view mirror

but the learning never stops.

Soaring temps and shedding clothes redirect our minds.

Threat of war, shutting borders, don’t occupy our time.

Talking Heads and His endless
twitters take a back seat.

To the season of pleasurable-ness beckoning ahead.

Living it up in the city

Eggs sizzling on the scorching pavement.

Bodies lazing on the front porch stoop.

or Easy like Sunday morning.

Entangled in the sheets

writhing to a beat.

Entwined in your lover’s sweating, passionate arms.

Summer solstice is the longest day.
Make each that follows

Like the last.

Summertime and the living is…

Ultimately, indelibly

Whatever you make it.

Love and light…I’ve missed you!

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