The Revolution Will Not Be Televised… Or Posted on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (spoken word) is waiting for your comments.

Liberal Lin


WE interrupt this broadcast to bring you an important message!

The Revolution will NOT be televised

or posted on Instagram

or Facebook

or snap chat

or twitter.

Brother Gil Scott sounded the alarm

Malcolm and Martin were already gone

Huey and Fred and countless unnamed Panthers have led the charge

For  dignity


free food

brotherhood /sisterhood

A Voice

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

The Community of Brothers Behind Bars

serving time

for victimless crimes

must be freed

Instituitions of Higher Learning

must replace crack dens,

measuring grams,

driving while black,

killing of our boys and men

Wake up! Wake up!

Social media is not real

it is a Medium

designed by the 10percent

for control of the 90

Anesthetizing Our Youth

Dulling Their Brilliant Minds

Gaming Gaming does Not Rule

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

We have already lost too much Time

Vietnam /PTSD /Homelessness /Brother can…

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4 thoughts on “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised… Or Posted on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook”

  1. Mais oui, Madame! I like it! Would that our young folk read this and other thought-provoking articles, blogs and the like. Continue to write and spread the word!

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  2. You are truly a helluva writer.  As Malcom said “we want a bloodless Revolution”.  We won’t be able to intellectualize our way to change.  We must be engaged, pro-active, committed. The question is always “What are you gonna do?”  What do you hold so sacred that life itself  is worth giving? Sacrifice!!!  
    As a man; If I’m willing to shot and kill my brother, because he put his hands on my sister, mother or grandmother.  Then I say, why do I pull out a cell phone and record when my sister is being abused by “the slave patrol” and scream “That’s fucked up, I’m recording this”? What DEEP fear lies inside of me, that prevent me from doing the exact same thing I would do to my brother?
    Maybe, we’ve assimulated? And maybe our lens in which we see ourselves and the world is seen through  “Graham Cracker” glasses.
    The Revolution… hmmm. It’s a fight on all areas effecting our lives on a daily basis.  
    1.Economics 2.Education 3.Entertainment 4.Labor 5.Law 6.Politics 7.Religion 8.Sex 9.War/Counter-War   
    Nelly Fuller Jr. and Francis Cress Welsing said it best. “If you don’t understand White Supremcy, then everything else will only confuse you.”

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