Welcome to My Love…


IMG_1505Welcome to my love, come on in and make yourself at home. Welcome to my life. I know everything is gonna be alright. Welcome to my love oh darling . Come on in and take all you want…(Rachelle Ferrell)
…Compiling a new Playlist for walking/dancing around the house/ wine tasting with me myself and I/feel like I’m the only person in the world who understands me Times.
I guess this is the Boomer version of a mixed tape. Although I don’t ever remember compiling any. I did however, receive a few from suitors who were really trying to impress me…they knew I was a music lover…and in many cases, it worked! Often the music from their carefully chosen collection of love songs dedicated to me played on long after the relationship ended. And when I’m in a sentimental mood, I can still break out one of those tomes and a box of tissue and reminisce with the best of them.
…I was one of those folks who used to buy a vinyl record and wear it out, playing a favorite song over and over until the whole record was ruined. It was only recently that I took my decades old collection to a dealer (record) and parted with it for a very paltry sum. I really wanted to keep some of those old jacket covers but read that they can be fodder for bugs (they eat the glue) and who needs that.
…My love of music traces back to my early days listening to my Dad’s jazz collection. He had hundreds of vinyl records and ALL the greats. My favorites were Miles, Frank Sinatra, Nina Simone, and Nancy Wilson. Every Sunday, the house would awaken to the melodious sounds of these and other jazz greats setting the tone for our Sunday family breakfast ritual, Sunday school/church (the only Black Presbyterians in town), a car ride afterwards through the tunnel to visit family/friends, or if it was Summer, an impromptu picnic at the lone Black beach.
…Little did I know that this music would become the background for my life. And as my teenage tastes gravitated to Motown and later Hip Hop, I always kept a few staples of jazz in my collection.
…Recently, I was purging my CD collection prior to a move and decided to box up many of my Verve label hits…many of them standards my Dad used to own in vinyl…and present them to him as a gift on Father’s Day. The sly smile that played across his face was priceless and his soft thank you…music to my ear.
….Fortunately, I did not invest much money in tapes back in the day, as I could see they would be short lived. Cassette tapes always got tangled up and required the owner to keep a pencil nearby for such emergencies. I welcomed the CDs for their clarity of sound, long lasting, almost inability to scratch, can play in a car/Beatbox/computer/Walkman versatility.
…Sadly, my CD collection does not get much use these days. It has been hijacked by the likes of itunes Amazon, and easily downloadable singles. I’m still waiting for someone to give me the link to the free downloads site…but I guess those guys are all waiting for bail.
… After discovering the joys of Playlists, I can always find time to organize My Music, unlike my life, in nice, neat,easy to access categories. This technology, of course, ensures the appropriate music for any occasion whether it be a brisk calorie counting walk, a long train rain, an even longer car ride, a gathering of friends or just some ME time dancing, lipsync-ing, contemplating, raging, namasta-ing (not a word), loving my way through this life.
Play On!

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Creative one: loving... the Creator, self, family, faithful friends, good health, eating right, growing own food, good books, memorable movies, workouts, writing to exercise brain/passions, cooking from the heart, music to soothe, dancing to release...Loving LIFE

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