Love Hurts…Sometimes

While watching the recent Wedding, I like most watchers was struck by many things , but the Thang that really struck me…as in my mouth dropped open ( and not from the 7:00 am Sangria I was partaking of while watching this event)…was the fact the groom invited his 2 exes…and they lawd have mercy…accepted. What parallel universe do these folk live in?
And yes, I read the justification by the press via social media…these women were Still friends of the groom and he has such a small circle blah blah blah… it was important that they share in this momentous event in his life.
I’m sorry but…I can’t.. won’t try to comprehend this. I did notice that one of them was dressed in black or navy…fashion statement or message to the happy couple?
I guess the millennials have a different “how to deal with your exes playbook”.

As a liberal boomer, this is certainly far left of anything I’ve ever heard of…and I don’t think I’m alone. Hell! I know I’m not alone..100 sisters are simultaneously shaking their head in amazement as I type this. And before you whip out your tablets to respond…don’t forget I am a Libra…in Love with Love.
Like my girl, Jill Scott  rhymes in her  “My Love” lyrics…
Yo, I’m tripping right/ I heard you got married/You got married?/ No, I mean it don’t make any sense/ I didn’t think you were seeing other people/I mean I was seeing other people…(Jill smiling impishly and deductively)
At least he had the good sense not to invite her to the event.
Tally ho!

Love and Light…

As always, thank you for Reading/Commenting/Sharing!

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5 thoughts on “Love Hurts…Sometimes”

  1. I do not see anything wrong with him inviting ex-girlfriends. If a girlfriend is worth loving why shouldn’t she be worth liking even after you break up especially if the breakup was not ugly?


  2. I was surprised by my emotions of watching two extremely diverse, different and unique cultures merge just for a while…..I was impressed with Bishop Curry who did not hold back…I was saddened somewhat with the mother of the bride who appeared at times alone and uninvolved to some degree…over all, historical in may ways…now the two exes, who cares?

    Good blog, thanks for sharing!!!!

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