In a Reminiscing Mood


The World yawns, stretches and braces for a New Day

Birds chirp their morning Anthem.

Leaves unfurl

Grass shakes off its dew

And I lie here sleepless, thinking of you.

Missing the voice that cradles my heart.

Soothes and calms my fears.

Whispers gently, trust me

I will Not let you go

I get you.

Missing the Smile that twinkles

those gray/brown eyes

Deepening the dimples

bringing out the impish boy hiding inside.

Missing the Hands that heal the wounded

Pray to the Creator

And catch hold of mine

Carefully guiding me beside not behind.

Missing the Mind, lightning quick

complex, collecting, processing, storing

Zoom zoom on multiple tracks

Yet always carving out some

cerebral space for me.

Missing the pet names, silent looks

A language shared only by us.

Missing the passion

The volcano erupting, bubbling over

Spreading its fiery furnace over My land.

Missing my smile, my lightness, my glow

That touches all who knowingly Know.

Missing the love songs and mixed tapes

dedicated By you

And hours spent going through my

collection to

Find the perfect response for you.

Missing the kitchen. The back forty. The Farmers’ Market.

The half watched DVDs. The Lake. The Woods.

Damn, I am Missing You.







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Creative one: loving... the Creator, self, family, faithful friends, good health, eating right, growing own food, good books, memorable movies, workouts, writing to exercise brain/passions, cooking from the heart, music to soothe, dancing to release...Loving LIFE

15 thoughts on “In a Reminiscing Mood”

    1. You and your lovely wife are fortunate to have each other. Seeing you two together makes my heart smile. Thanks for supporting my ‘words’.


  1. Reblogged this on Liberal Lin and commented:

    This is one of my Favorite Spoken Word posts. Written on the occasion of missing some one no longer in my Life. It’s the stuff that Love songs a la Luther, Kem, Levert spring from. Fueled by that 3 rd glass of wine in the quiet early dawn. Enjoy again…


  2. Stimulating, it rises memories of a book about a barn and the exploits that happen within. The book was not complete but had persons holding on for a sequel or rendition. Your style is very thought provoking. Keep Hope Alive. .smile

    Liked by 1 person

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